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James Bennett McCreary (July 8, 1838 – October 8, 1918) was an American politician from Kentucky who served in both houses of Congress and twice as the state's governor. During the American Civil War, he fought under Confederate Brigadier General John Hunt Morgan. In 1869, he was elected to the Kentucky House of Representatives where he served until 1875; he was twice chosen Speaker of the House. In, the Democrats chose McCreary to run for governor, and he defeated Republican John Marshall Harlan. In 1884, McCreary was elected to the first of six consecutive terms in the U.S. House of Representatives. After two failed bids for election to the Senate, the legislature elected him in 1902, but he failed to gain renomination. In 1909, McCreary gained a second term as governor, defeating Edward C. O'Rear in the general election; he died in 1918. McCreary County, named in his honor, was formed during his second term.

John Clarke (October 1609 – 20 April 1676) was a physician, Baptist minister, co-founder of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, author of its influential charter, and a leading advocate of religious freedom in America. Clarke was born in Westhorpe, Suffolk, England. He received an extensive education, including a master's degree in England followed by medical training in Leiden, Holland. He arrived at the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1637 during the Antinomian Controversy and decided to go to Aquidneck Island with many exiles from the conflict. He became a co-founder of Portsmouth and Newport, Rhode Island, and he established America's second Baptist church in Newport. Baptists were considered heretics and were banned from Massachusetts, but Clarke wanted to make inroads there and spent time in the Boston jail after making a mission trip to the town of Lynn, Massachusetts. Following his poor treatment in prison, he went to England where he published a book on the persecutions of the Baptists in Massachusetts and on his theological beliefs. The fledgling Rhode Island colony needed an agent in England, so he remained there for more than a decade handling the colony's interests.

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